The flu and Kangen Water

The wave of illnesses in this period makes dozens of victims and it is absolutely necessary to protect ourselves properly to avoid possible virus-related inconvenience.

The cold season is the most appropriate context for the occurrence of intermittent diseases, so-called "seasonal".

What can we do to prevent or stop the effects of these conditions?

* we avoid agglomeration as much as possible
* hydration is very important, so we consume as much Kangen alkaline water at pH 9.5
* In flu and cold periods irrigate the nasal passages eight times a day with strongly acid Kangen water and gargle
* we do the right hand hygiene
* we wash our hands or disinfect each time we cough or sneeze
* We protect others when we are sick and respect the quarantine / convalescence period
* we rest properly because a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep helps restore immunity
* we use a humidifier in the house

Change your water, change your life!

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